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02 April 2012 @ 08:30 pm
......before the dawn....

I'm posting this for no better reason than there is someone on my flist who like the work of one Florence Welch. It's also a song I think sums this particular individual up the best. It's their attitude towards the future. Sometimes they can be seeming to just grasp at it like it;s always going to be just out of reach, but it's the kind of grasp that you associate with hard-core rock climbers. It's a grasp, but the resulting grip is vice-like - it'd squeeze the lichen from the rock itself. There is a future to be seen - but it's taking a lot of effort to get to, one hold, one move, one break at time. Often the stress of the effort shows. But often, when the hold is a good one, and the body can be pulled that little bit higher up the slope, things become a celebration.

It's at those times that this song rings true. The retrospect and the joy of being able to see that things can be different. This is for them.

....and for anyone else to enjoy too. Seriously, it's a belter.

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22 December 2011 @ 01:04 pm
....'cos I don't ever go there.

I've you've ever seen my friends list (shortened herein to 'flist' because it makes me look like I know what I'm doing) you'll notice it's brevity.

I haven't got reams of friends and neither do I need more friends than X, Y or Z to validate my existance. I have no wish to be the most popular thing on the planet and I don't consider myself a narcissist (more a feline trait, than canide, I'm sure you'll agree). My 'Clout' is minimal, my 'Impact Factor' is low. I write what I write here for me and me alone. I'm comfortable with that. I can write without having people getting all uppity and into my business.

I do have a LJ flist and I find that those on it enrich my journey through life. And for that I thank them. However, with every journey comes baggage, and that baggage can very occasionally manifest itself as other peoples flists.

Every once in a while I'll read comments made on friends posts and feel glad that my flist is as tight as it is. Damn, there are some chumps out there. Insensitive, bullish, arrogant: regular commuters on the Pretentious Turnpike who really ought to be backing the truck up and finding a different path to drive. Preferabley paths involving minefields. If they can't feed the intellect, they may at least be feeding the vultures.

If you're are one of the very few friends of a friend, who stumbles across this and realises it's about them, then man, you are in hostile territory. As said, back your truck up and head for a different set of hills. You might be able to pull your shit on someone elses turf, but this is Dobe Country, an' we don't be taking kindly to interfering strangers in these here parts. Don't make me be naming names.

On the other paw, if you can read this and realise it doesn't apply to you, please carry on commenting on those posts and enriching the lives of other people - even if they don't say, I'm sure they appreciate it none the less.

Oh, and christmas? My parting shot on the matter. 'Peace on earth and goodwill to all men' is a lot like dogs - not just for Christmas.
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09 August 2011 @ 08:12 am

.......leave your lights on.Collapse )

To absent friends.
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10 September 2010 @ 01:26 pm

Will the last religious fanatic out kindly turn off the light - some of us are trying to sleep peacefully.

Do not assume this is a request.

That is all.

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01 July 2010 @ 08:38 am

......or part of the damned problem.

In response to a post, made in the US, calling for a boycott of British goods:

So, a Korean built rig, owned by and operated by an American/Swiss conglomerate, with one of the worst safety records in the business, leases it's time to a British/US business for the exaction of oil for the US market. The well structures are all to relevant, US senate approved standards. It all goes shit-shaped, big time. Only the British company are to blame.

Only the British business are responsible for the clean-up.

So, how does that figure?

It's a nasty situation, but before everyone turns on the limeys, lets look at the entire situation (and key investors in certain US/Swiss conglomerates).

Would there have been the same shit-storm if the same thing had happened on Kicking Horse? Because it very nearly did.....

If anyone is to blame, it is the entire damned industry and the governments that refused to beleive anything like this could happen and were perfectly happy to bury their heads in the sand (or up their own asses) as long as dead dinosaurs got sucked out the dirt and automobiles got fed.

People want oil at the cheapest rates. The US wants oil from it's own reserves. This; this slick in gulf; the dead birds, the decimated livelihoods, the poisoned swamps and deltas, the stench of decaying life in a toxic soup is what happens when people get what they want without thinking of the potential consequences of their actions.

Oil is difficult to wash out of feathers. Seems it's easy enough to wash off of hands.......

Ahh, fuck it. Ignorance is bliss..........

On the plus side, the Amercians always wanted a car that could run on water. Be cafefull what you wish for - one day you might just get it.

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18 May 2010 @ 10:04 am
...who go round, and round and round, and round.....

I’ve been looking around various forums and blog reports and as usual I’m struck by the old adage that on the internet everyone can have a voice.  I’m then stuck by the other old adage that whilst they have the right to speech (in their mind) I also have the right not to listen. Todays bone of contention is the recent Formula 1 Grand Prix at Monaco.

Lets take a look at Monaco. It’s a garish clusterfuck of high raises with cluttered streets, no parking and, apart from being a tax haven, is no different from the water front of Alcudia, or Benidorm. If the shops weren’t selling Gucci and Louis Vitton instead of Snow-globes and beach towel with titties on, it would be no different from any other nasty little Mediterranean holiday resort. Seriously, it is nothing special, apart from being full of rich people and those with pretensions of grandeur. ‘Oh, but look at all the shiny boats in the harbour’. What about ‘em? Why is that indicative of a quality race venue? It isn’t.

A few canny bloggers on other forums have been open in their views that after 60 years, Monaco really should be dropped from the F1 calendar. These people have subsequently been condemned as ‘fools’ and ‘pathetic’ and as ‘children not understanding motorsport’. Well, fuckers, I’ve news for you - I understand motorsport, and I think Monaco had its day about 30 years ago. To all the thoguthless critics and name-callers out there, I'm going to explain. Try and pay attention.

F1 is (or at least, should be) a race. It’s a Grand Prix, not a time trial. I’ve no doubt that as a time trial circuit Monaco rules - qualifying is usually a fairly electric affair. As a race however, as a Grand Prix, with its wheel to wheel racing, it blows. There is no wheel to wheel, the place is too damn narrow. There is consequently no real opportunity for non-reckless over-taking. At this point, it has ceased to be a race. Whoever has pole position, stays in front until they make an error. This error will largely see them piling into an unforgiving wall and consequently partially blocking the track - spoiling the event for everyone else. This also raises another, more sinister problem. Cars hitting other cars. Stationary cars being hit by cars travelling at race speeds. That’s a danger exacerbated by the fact that the resting point for a crashed car will be on the race track. We saw on this race, two cars getting mixed up and one ending up careering over the top of the other. Why? Because car number one had its slide away halted by the trackside wall.

Someone once described Formula One as a ‘carnival’. As long as we have tracks like Monaco, that is not in doubt. A carnival being a long procession of brightly coloured vehicles travelling slowly around the streets.

Now, I’m not saying all tracks should be like the new crop of uber-dull circuits that the emerging countries seem to be building (Bahrain, for instance is a dreadful venue for cars). Far from it, tracks should test the driver, and the car, but it should also provide a venue where drivers can compete against each other, wheel to wheel, mano el mano.  Motorsport - sport with motors. Is that really so difficult to comes to terms with?

In hindsight, maybe my problem isn’t with Monaco as a venue par se. Maybe its with the lack of consistency of the FIA / F1 Admin; certain circuits coming in for hig volumes of very public criticism whilst others inexplicably remain under the radar, enjoying a seemingly untouchable position as premier venues. Let’s look at it this way. If you were to propose Monaco as a Grand Prix venue, in its current form, as a new race (let’s just imagine it hasn’t been going on for 60 years) what do you think would happen? As a start, your application would be turned down on the grounds of safety, lack of competitive potential, insufficient service area, lack of access etc. You know, this is all the kind of thing that ‘Formula One Administration’ (the vehicle that Gollum Ecclestone uses to control F1 and print his own money supply) were criticising Silverstone for. Have you ever tried driving into Monaco? It’s traffic hell. Silverstone has had its access problems. Paul Ricard had its access problems. Monaco has never had its position in the F1 calendar questioned. Paul Ricard was dropped as a venue. Silverstone (arguably the home of F1 racing, worldwide) has received constant threats of being dropped (to the point of being bullied, I hasten to add). Monaco? Home of the rich and taxation-shy? Not a word.

If one venue is going to be questioned, why are the questions not being applied to all?

‘Every Monaco race is a classic’, it is argued. Is it? Really? The only tales of daring-do that have come from Monaco in the last 20 years have been the fight survival between the car/driver, and the walls of the circuit. That’s where the tension comes from. Will he get around the next bend or will he stack it? Its 1hr and 40 mins of people glued to their idiot-windows waiting for an accident.
My friends, that ain’t motorsport. That’s ghoulish voyeurism. So who understands motorsport now? Is it the person that wants to see Monaco dropped and replaced with a proper race, or someone who wants to watch accidents unfold?

Bollocks to it, I’m gonna watch the motorbikes instead!
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22 April 2010 @ 08:16 am
.......fucking know what you are? Get back to where you belong.

I'm always fairly happy when another individual has a well aimed rant. And today I was spodding the intellectual trash-can that is the web and stumbled over this little gem. It's impressive in it's support for a valid entertainment medium (the 'comic') in the face of all the prententious shit that normally parades itself as art, and awesome in its focussed lethalitiy. :


Robert Ebert, movie critic and respected journo. And now, I'm starting to beleive, a bit of a paedophile on the side.

How can he find the thought of an 11 year old killing people 'reprehensible' yet not speak out against the overtly sexual overtones of Mathilda in 'Leon'? Or the selling of Iris's already sexually abused body in 'Taxi Driver', or the selling of Violets virginity in 'Pretty Baby'.

Girls killing = bad.
Girls being offered for sex = acceptable.

Says more about Mr Ebert than he'd like, I think.
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15 March 2010 @ 12:33 pm
Life has a bitter sense of irony. Barely a minute after I post my last message I receive news that, as a consequence of injuires sustained on Saterday, Ray Kempster sadly passed away this morning.

There is a phrase that came to me, one day years back, that is only ever appropriate at times such as this and Ray is truly deserving of those words I found.

So as the sun rises, it also sets.
We comfort ourselves knowing that it will rise again tomorrow.
But it will not be as bright a day.

Ray Kempster, rest in peace.
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15 March 2010 @ 12:20 pm
.....these things that I beleiveCollapse )
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'if the answer isn't violence, neither is your silence'Collapse )

The Worlds most ill-informed columnist is at it again!
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